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Hospital Charges


Bed Charge Janta ward Janta ward 400/ Per Day
Bed Charge Semi Private Semi private 800/ Per Day
Bed Charge Private Private Non A/C 1200/ Per Day
Bed Charge Private A/C Private A/C 1800/ Per Day
Semi Private A/C Semi Private A/C 1200/ Per Day
Nursing Charge Janta Ward / Semi Private 300/ Per Day
Nursing Charge Private / Private AC 400/ Per Day
Physiotherapy Charge Janta Ward, Semi Private 200/ Per Visit
infusion Charge 30/ Per Bottle
Dressing Charge Major 300/ Per Dressing
Dressing Charge Minor 150/ Per Dressing
Burn Dressing UP to 40% 500/ Per Dressing
Burn Dressing More Than 40% 800/ Per Dressing
O.T. Charge Major Up to Two Hour 2500/ Per Case
O.T. Charge Minor up to Two Hour 1500/ Per Case
Oxygen Charge Ward / Private Room 100/ Hour
Oxygen Charge I.C.U / N.I.C.U 120/ Hour
M.O charge Ward / Private Room 200/ Per Day
I.C.U. Bed + Monitor Charge I.C.U 3000/ Per Day
Ventilator Charge I.C.U 2000/ Per Day
B.I Pape/ C. Pape I.C.U 1200/ Per Day
Specialist Doctor Visit 500/ Per Visit
Super Specialist Doctor Visit 800/ Per Visit
Day Care Hospital Charges 800/ Per 3 Hours
N.I.C.U Bed + Monitor Charge 3500/ Per Day


Cut Open Charge 1500/ Per Procedure
Central Line 1500/ Per Procedure
Intubations 1500/ Per Procedure
Trachea Stormy 4000/ Per Procedure
I.C.D 5000/ Per Procedure
Catheterization 400/ Per Procedure
Ryles Tube 400/ Per Procedure
Plaster Application Charge Small 400/ Per Procedure
Plaster Application Charge Medium 500/ per procedure
Plaster Application Charge Large 100/ Per Procedure
Joint / Swelling Aspiration500/ Per Procedure
Intra Articular / Local Injection 500/ Per Procedure
Pleural Fluid Tapping 3000/ Per Procedure
Ascetic Fluid Tapping 5000/ Per Procedure
Stitching Charges 70/ Per Stitch
Brace Application Charges 300/ per Brace
Bed Side X.RAY Charge 400/ per X.RAY
Sugar Testing By Glucometer 100/ Per Test
Neubulization Charges 150/ Per Setting

Note :-

Medicine /Surgical Disposable will be Charged As per M.R.P
Procedure Room Charges Like O.T Will be Charged As per Hospital Rate List
Electric city / Generator Charge will be 15% of Hospital bill.